”Pollustrated” is a project which uses the limitation of China’s existing social media technology, to create a way for the inhabitants to discuss and criticize the issue of deadly air pollution.

During her research period in Beijing, Georgina used sessions of live-illustration on the streets as a means to connect with young beijingers. Through imagery, Georgina was able to ignite the interest and curiosity of the target group and communicate with them despite language- and cultural barriers.

These interactions led to relationships that continued unto WeChat – China’s most popular (and maybe only) social medium – and resulted in a network of over 80 young beijingers. Through a continuous dialogue and testing, Georgina created a set of subversive stickers for WeChat that could be applied and distributed among the network and beyond. The content of the stickers dealt with the issue and danger of air pollution in both a critical and humorous manner. Thus, providing a way for the Chinese people to talk about the issue of air pollution in a society characterized by a strong authoritarian presence and censorship.

To spark international solidarity with the Chinese people and to engage a western audience in this complex situation, Georgina authored an illustrated story about her experiences. Alongside, she developed content for Western social media, which give Westerners the means to show solidarity with the Chinese and spread knowledge about the subject within their own network.